At Doc & Holliday we pride ourselves on the all-American & American inspired craftsmanship bled into each and every one of our pool tables. We use only the finest and sturdiest wood for our product, including quality maple and oak, plus much more. All Doc & Holliday pool tables are offered in 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft options. Additionally, each is made with a 3 piece 1″ thick backed slate, so you have the most authentic billiards experience possible.

Each and every Doc & Holliday pool table is handmade just for you. We do not mass produce, guaranteeing heart and soul is embedded into all of our pool tables. Our customized, 'built from the ground up' approach ensures that each table is unique to your home or recreational room.

You can customize any of our tables with your own personalized finish ranging from maple to cherry to oak to pine, making sure that your pool table fits into your room exactly the way you'd like. Similarly, you can choose premium felt colors from Championship or Simonis. You are not limited in your expression. Check out finish options here and felt options here.

We know that a Doc & Holliday pool table will be the perfect addition to your home office, or commercial space. We can't wait for you to hold this product as close to your heart as we do.